HAH Parts Bundle


A complete kit ready for assembly.  This contains everything that you need for a fully populated Home Automation Hub (HAH) controller board. A generous discount has been applied to this 'get you started' kit (when compared to buying each part individually). The picture here shows an assembled board - remember that you are buying an unassembled kit ... soldering skills required. Don't forget that, if you want to use this board as part of a complete HAH, you will also need to buy (and reflash) a Livebox router ... or buy one (already re-flashed) from the shop.

Parts include: PCB/AVR micro flashed with HAH firmware/DIL socket for micro/xtal & caps for micro/4x relays and associated parts/4x input terminal connectors/LCD & ribbon cable/IDC connectors for LCD/DS18B20 temperature sensor and attach kit/433MHz RF module, vreg and antenna/RJ11 socket for PCB/MMJ to RJ11 cable/mounting hardware for PCB and LCD/connectors for I2C and 1-wire busses.

Price: £42.60
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