New RF Protocol support - LightwaveRF

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Whilst wandering around B&Q earlier today, I noticed a new display stand branded 'Siemens'. Lots of nice looking RF switches, bulbs and so on. Details of the range at

Anyway, I went crazy & bought one of their dimmable CFL bulbs, together with a little remote control. - it cost £19 at B&Q.

A quick poke around with the old 'scope and the HAH is now able to switch this one on and off via URF.

Haven't tried dimming yet, but it doesn't seem to support the notion of going to a specific, 'pre-programmed' brightness level (at least not with the supplied remote handset), so probably of limited use anyway - but more investigation is underway.

Note that I've not actually done enough to understand the various parts of the (rather lengthy) bitstream... just replicated on/off for a single device. If I get to buying a LightwaveRF remote that has more buttons, a more complete support will become possible.

I've added details to the URF section of the wiki.


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