Pushing data to SQL / mySQL

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I would like to be able to query my data more intelligently than i think pachube will currently allow. For example:

Show me the day I used the most electricity last week/month

Show me the coldest/hottest day last week/month

Show me sunrise/sunset each day for the last month (using light level from hahnode)

You get the picture :) I saw this asked elsewhere and the recommendation was to look at http://www.dbzoo.com/livebox/xap_cacti & http://www.homeautomationhub.com/content/webserver-written-lua-serve-xap-data-values-applet

I have had a look and this seems like a great solution for Cacti as it connects directly, but not sure how to pull the data in from SQL / mySQL. I guess I might be able to use and schedule an SSIS package? Or possibly some form of curl/wget script?

Any suggestions?


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