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I have just changed over to a couple of 4 relay Jeenodes from a number of RF Home Easy HE830S sockets.

While testing the HomeEasy Units (I have had quite a high failure rate most common fault they switch on but not off) I discovered that if I set CRON to turn on 5 of HE830S’s at exactly the same time only 2 or 3 would switch on, even though xfx registered all the events.

To get around the problem I now set cron as follows (I am sure there are other ways):-

10 16 * * * sleep 01; aliasmsg "rf 15 on"# Turn on Lounge socket xmas tree

10 07,16 * * * sleep 10; aliasmsg "rf 23 on"# TURN ON PATIO XMAS LASER LIGHTS

10 16 * * * sleep 20; aliasmsg "rf 25 on"# TURN ON Garden XMAS TREE LIGHTS and roof laser

10 16 * * * sleep 30; aliasmsg "rf 26 on"# TURN ON kitchen CHRISTMAS LIGHTS

10 16 * * * sleep 40: aliasmsg "rf 10 on"# TURN ON CONSERVATOR XMAS TREE

There appears to be a version 2 of the HE830’s as the original codes do not work on some I purchased recently. 

Here are a couple of new codes for the V2 I worked out.



Have a great Christmas.


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