Release 312

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This is the same code base as 311.11 so if you already on this release there is no benefit to upgrading unless you want to see 312 as your release that is.

Changes - many....

* Fixed Xively memory leaks and stack overflow issues
* Fixed Twitter authentications problems and to use only https connections.
* Rework to separate the single /etc/xap-livebox.ini file into separate configuration files in /etc/xap.d.  After the upgrade you can remove the /etc/xap-livebox.ini and /etc/ini.conf files.
* Uplifted penlight libraries
* Added bluenode decoder
* Fix xap Frame tostring() error - helps to debug why your applet died.
* Handle nil values for text endpoints.
* Added fan controller applet sample
* Fix kloned stack overruns.
* Increase json token parse count for twitter.
* Fixed services webpage (with hidden options)
* For the xAP target triple vendor.device.instance - the device is now taken from the hostname, may be overidden.
* Move xap-hub into host nomenclature
* Remove necessity of (-i br0) on component startup.

Many of these changes are to get the system and framework in a state so that it can be ported to other platforms with minimal changes being required.  However I'm still actively going to support the livebox especially as its still my main control board too.


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