Release of build 246

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There was a major problem if flashing a livebox from scratch using the  hah-firmware.dwb file, basically it wouldn't work.

What happened is when I added the /etc/curl-ca-bundle.crt file which is ~200k the /etc/rc.d/rc.boot script would try to copy it from the /etc_ro_fs file system to the /etc filesystem before deleting it and replacing it with a link.  As the RO image expanded there is now not enough room for this operation so it blew up halting the population of the /etc/ file system and aborting the flash.   I no long copy and delete, it's simply made a linkage from the outset, avoiding the out of space problems.

Apologies for this when I've been reflashing my livebox I've been using auto update which uses a different mechanism.

Also in this released there is a Wake on LAN web page and a command line utilitity /usr/bin/wol.

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