Release of build 251

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As always make a backup of your livebox sensitive data first, in case things go wrong.

  •  /etc/xap-livebox.ini
  •  /etc/plugboard (all scripts)

Firmware update Instructions

Build 251 is SVN release r51


  • Added missing BROADCOM ethernet drivers so the .DWB flashes without locking you out !  Kudos to BodgeIT who ran into this first, and point it out to me.
  • Kloned web menu system internal logic overhaul
  • Renamed web server "Basic Setup" tab to "Management", REBOOT button on this page is always shown.
  • Removed printer support from kernel and busybox (lpd,lpr,lpq)
  • LCD now reports as an xAP input device, instead of an output device.
  • remove .svn directories from final flash file system build.
  • issue 5 - DHCP script now honours NTP server setting.
  • Various kernel modifications.
    • - Removed PPP support from the kernel
    • - Removed Sound support from the kernel
    • - Removed bluetooth support from kernel (may put it back when its properly supported)
    • - Removed USB network device support
    • + FTDI drivers changed from a module to compiled in for better Arduino support.
  • issue 8 - Bug fix for Web-server not driving RF units > 4
  • issue 11 - Relays, RFs and Inputs now report DisplayText= as part of their and xAPBSC.event messages.  This is populated with the label as defined in the INI file by the webserver
  • issue 4 - Clear /tmp directory of klone_sess files on reboot.
  • Internal code restructure of the xap-livebox daemon for xAPBSC.event sending.
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