What have we been working on?

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Just letting you know that we have both been working hard on new features for the HAH that will be available in a larger AVR processor (328) and the next build (280).

  • Version of your AVR firmware reported in the WEBGUI ie 280/1.0 for the M8 or 280/2.x for the M328 chip.
  • RF - The ability to control ANY RF device we have managed to decode.   So far we have only done a handful of devices; LIDL RF socket, LIDL night light, BBSB, HE + advanced, ASDA status branded - more coming soon.
  • Up to 96 RF BSC endpoint can be created.  Using the RF subsystem as service there is no limit.  (AVR328)
  • Web gui enhanced so that RF control strings can be entered without having to goto command line and VI. (build 280/ALL)
  • 1-wire devices increase from 15 to 31 - with ROMID endpoint mapping so adding/removing 1wire devices will not affect the order they are enumerated on the bus. (AVR328)
  • 1-wire bus resetting without a reboot (build 280/ALL)
  • Fixed a 1wire temperature calculation issue around 25.6 and 51.2 degrees. (AVR328)
  • Support for all 3 variants of PCF8574 I2C chip; supporting up to 64 controllable endpoints (AVR328)
  • HAH firmware command line enabled (AVR328)
  • Arduino Bootloader for field upgradable firmware.  Already have an Arduino?  Flash up the firmware youself.  Once we have stabilized the code we'll make a .HEX file available flashing with AVRDUDE.

We are making slow but steady progress.

Brett & Derek

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