2 hahs same network

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I am working on a 2 hah setup and have a small problem and question.

I am setting up the new hah to act as a server for jogglers etc so i need to run it as well as the original as a iserver, trouble is so far the new hah displays current cost stuff on the gui.


what have i set up wrong and what should i do to make this an independant hah etc. i have changed mac address and screenshot below of instances.



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Hope this isn't a red herring..

I hope I've understood the question and I haven't actually checked this info as I only have 1 livebox and use the defaults...   The HAH Instance I think should be a 4 digit hex number - but maybe '2' will be accepted and presented as 0002.

The displayed values/buttons in xAPFlash (the GUI) are associated by UID with the xAP messages that report their value.  When you use the embedded xAPFlash these use a default xapconfig.xml file that matches with the default HAH Instance , altering the instance doesn't change the values in xapconfig.xml so you will have to manually edit this file on the second HAH to match it's new HAH instance.    I think the default instance if left blank is 00DB and if you created a new one for the second HAH of say 00DC you could probably just do a search replace and it would work.

You don't need to alter the UID's of the various Daemons - it's better to just alter the HAH Instance which will ensure the second HAH appears as an independant xAP device - it will need a different name eg livebox2 which I believe is configured in the host field in the setup tab.  You should also search/replace this in  xapconfig.xml.  Yous hould see two devices listed in xFX Viewer rather than your second HAH's sensors interleaved within the first HAH.

Just to clarify - xAPFlash recognises devices based on their UID not their alphanumeric source address,  but it queries and controls devices using target=<devices source address> which is why both <uid> and <source> have to be entered in xapconfig.xml .  You can't control a device by it's UID in xAP because this defeats the wildcard address matching.   Yes... I could have also recognised devices based on the source address but UID's are shorter and easier to handle and in small memory devices that can be significant so recognising based on UID's is a standard approach in xAP.   Flash / Jogglers however could have coped with either.


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