255 support HomeEasy power sockets?

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Hi Derek,

Did you manage to get the HomeEasy double wall socket issue resolved.

I think you emailed me something about it but don't see any mention in changes.

Just wondered if it had been implemented in latest releases.



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Double socket ... some progress

Well, from work done on the RF Rx front, I now know why the double sockets don't work with the existing HAH AVR code.

It's because we currently implement the Domia RF protocol which is common to BBSB and most HE devices. However, the double sockets use a separate 'HE specific' protocol.

The plan is to eventually implement a generic RF Tx capability, with the format of the transmission being defined in a xAP message. In theory, this would allow ANY 433MHz RF device to be controlled (well, any that we had hacked the protocol for).


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