Alexa controlled xAP

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Its been a very long while since I've last posted.  Derek got me inspired to look at Alexa controllable xAP endpoints.  As a proof of concept I took the faxumo code and made a few very minor modifications to prove it can act as a bridge to control xAP too.


Alexa discover devices

<Wait 20s for it to find the fake control points fauxmo has created>

Alexa relay 1 on
Alexa relay 1 off

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Nicely done

Great job! This opens up a lot of new options.

We had talked about making this a Plugboard compatible affair - that would be the icing on the cake.


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Could be the holy grail to HAH

I spoke to Derek the other day regarding the Echo and Alexa and ordered one from Tesco (£40), I have only had it a day and I am quite impressed.

If this can be fully integrated with the HAH it would be a major step forward and I am sure would rekindle new/existing interest in the HAH.

Brett many thanks for your time and effort in this new endevour. 

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excellent work as ever Brett

excellent work as ever Brett :)

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gets a +1 from

gets a +1 from me...

...although I'm still trying to get full integration with node-red, I still can't get that MQTT gateway script to work!

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Another thanks

Just to add my tuppenceworth, now that Amazon have these back in stock (and a bit cheaper) I took delivery of one yesterday. Even SWMBO was impressed at how easily it all went together. She now has voice control of the heating and lights! Great job.

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Simply Brilliant!

It's great to have the MQTT gateway working. The possibilities are now endless. Awesome work Brett.

Has anyone else experienced problems using the gateway the other way around i.e. getting CurrentCost data into MQTT??

I successfully subscribed to dbzoo/livebox/CurrentCost/ch/1 using NodeRed but nothing goes through the gateway.

It works fine the other way MQTT to XAP.


I've been scratching my head on this for a days, any help would be appreciated.

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Its been while a quite since

Its been while a quite since I looked at the xAP/MQTT gateway.  I too would have to spend some time looking at what I wrote.

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MQTT Gateway

Thanks for the fast reply Brett.

Are you able to point me in the right direction of how to launch the script with some debugging info so I can try and workout where it's failing?

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