Alexa controlled xAP

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Its been a very long while since I've last posted.  Derek got me inspired to look at Alexa controllable xAP endpoints.  As a proof of concept I took the faxumo code and made a few very minor modifications to prove it can act as a bridge to control xAP too.


Alexa discover devices

<Wait 20s for it to find the fake control points fauxmo has created>

Alexa relay 1 on
Alexa relay 1 off

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Nicely done

Great job! This opens up a lot of new options.

We had talked about making this a Plugboard compatible affair - that would be the icing on the cake.


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Could be the holy grail to HAH

I spoke to Derek the other day regarding the Echo and Alexa and ordered one from Tesco (£40), I have only had it a day and I am quite impressed.

If this can be fully integrated with the HAH it would be a major step forward and I am sure would rekindle new/existing interest in the HAH.

Brett many thanks for your time and effort in this new endevour. 

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excellent work as ever Brett

excellent work as ever Brett :)

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gets a +1 from

gets a +1 from me...

...although I'm still trying to get full integration with node-red, I still can't get that MQTT gateway script to work!

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Another thanks

Just to add my tuppenceworth, now that Amazon have these back in stock (and a bit cheaper) I took delivery of one yesterday. Even SWMBO was impressed at how easily it all went together. She now has voice control of the heating and lights! Great job.

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