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I like the idea of the Arduino expansion.  I've just got my Arduino to send an xAP broadcast packet using a nuelectronics ethershield, the HAH then sends this onto Pachube.  It's using a programmed value at the moment, but I intend to change this to a temperature reading later this week.

Really enjoying playing with all this, keep up the good work.

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We've been playing around

We've been playing around with AVR's for quite from time, the embedded hardware is an AVR microprocessor.  So the arduino platform is a logical shift - we've got a whole bunch of ideas for expansion modules based on this platform so keep your eye's peels for some interesting developments.  I only started the HAH Arduino page yesterday so its early days yet but feel free to check in everynow and then to see what new notes I've added.

Thanks for the feedback its good to know we are on the right track.

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Arduino & Xbee

That's brilliant, this is where my research took me after you guys helped me understand a little bit more about what could be done with HAH.  I'm going to be buying an Arduino and the XBee Pro shield.  The start creating some small simple devices maybe using the Arduino Nano plus the lighter XBee shields...I'm no programmer but I'm certainly happy to throw myself over to testing.

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