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OK, firstly let me confess to being a dumbass. Today I rebooted my Livebox with the 1wire 3mm jack only half plugged in. This must have shorted my AVR as it has not worked since and the webgui shows version 1.0 when it was 3.4.

I have put in an old chip with the Bascom URF code on it and this works fine so I am sure it's just the chip I have fried.

However, cock up number two came when I decided to try to re-flash the broken chip using my ISP AVR programmer, this too got fried in the process. Yes I am a genious.


Anyhow my question is, I now have:

1x 328chip with an old HAH code on it

1x 328chip with an arduino bootloader on it

1x Arduino duemillanove

1x HAH

Is it possible to re-flash the recent HEX code onto either of these chips using the now inbuilt AVRDude and my arduino as per the wiki or does this still require a programmer?






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Yes you can

If you plug the Arduino with the 328 and its bootloader into the HAH you should be able to use AVRDUDE to flash up the .HEX file for the AVR onto this.  In fact this pretty much the process we use for the HAH Nodes.

NOTE: if the web gui shows 1.0 this only implies that the xap-livebox process could not determined its revision.  Which mostly likely means you have an issue with its firmware.   Does the LCD display anything on booting it up?  If not then yes you toasted it somehow!


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Thanks Brett

LCD is blank unfortunately. I think this, plus the fact this chip then broke my avr programmer too, means I toasted it somehow.

Will attemp the HAH ardiuno flash when I get a chance later this week.





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