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I was referred to this forum via the website DBZoo for contacting the person behind the Cybiko projects. I am having trouble finding a solution and am trying all possible angles. I have a Cybiko classic and it has been working fine up until recently. It froze and would not turn off so I hit the reset button and the screen went black and then black and white stripes came up but after that there was nothing. I have tried plugging it into the PC and running auto updater and Cyloader but every time it tries to install the CyOS back onto the Cybiko it just pauses and either does nothing or says 'No response from the Cybiko computer please try pushing the reset button'. Doing that only sends the Cybiko back to the black and white stripes screen. Is this now a hardware issue, something is preventing information from reaching a particular chip on the board? Or has this happened before and there's a hack or way around it? I know its been nearly 20 years but in all honesty I still love the Cybiko an would hate to have to relegate it to my non working collection of retro machines and go buy another one for silly money on eBay.

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Sounds nasty

As you will already know, the black/white stripes are normal when the Cybiko boots up. However, they should be replaced with the bootup text screen after a second or two. This screen means that the main microcontroller in the unit has started up. If you aren't seeing this, there is likely to be a hardware issue.

I'm assuming that you have removed the batteries and are running your Classic from the power adaptor. Sometimes, having dodgy batteries in the unit can cause weird behaviour.

Can't really suggest anything else. As you say, you can sometimes find a working unit for sale on ebay.


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As Derek said the bars mean

As Derek said the bars mean the OS has not initialized the LCD screen and given you can't flash an new OS it could be that its not starting up correctly.
You could try flashing native H8 code that drives the LCD bypassing the OS and see what happens.


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