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I had not posted about this before but my friend Derek who was motivating force for the HAH project was involved in a car accident at the start of 2020.  As a pedestrian he did not fair well and suffered numerous injuries, one of which was to his head and brain.  Since the accident he has been in long term care due to his confused state and is not expected to recover his full cognitive abilities.

The continual existance of this project is my memorial to his memories and friendship.

- Brett

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Very sad news


Very sad news regarding the terrible accident involving Derek.

I would like to pass on my best wishes to Derek and his family.

Derek gave  great inspiration and support to me in taking on the Home Automation Hub project.

Thank you very much Brett for letting us know.


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What's to be said but to

What's to be said but to reiterate the above comments. I am also grateful to Derek who was quick to respond to my hardware requests and get things posted out in good time when I was in the building phase.

Here's hoping that he can return to some level of normality in the fullness of time.

Bon Chance Derek

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