FW questions.

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Hi guys, this seems like a really nice project, thumbs up.


I kinda have a couple of questions about the firmwares tho:


1) Would one of the alternative firmwares allow the Livebox to connect to other ISPs (it's currently locked on Orange-only usernames)?

2) Would the USB host be of any use right from the start? Like a NAS ?



Thanks in advance.

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Re: Firmware Questions

Hi labamatii,

Thanks for the 'thumbs up'!

Re 1). The HAH firmware completely changes the function of the Livebox. It doesn't support ADSL connections, nor does it support WiFi. See the 'Useful information about the HAH firmware' notes on the wiki at http://www.dbzoo.com/livebox/hah#try_the_hah_firmware

Re 2). Yes. You can connect storage to the USB port. See the notes on the Wiki at http://www.dbzoo.com/livebox/development#nfs_mounting

Hope this helps.


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Sweet, SMS :D.


Damn, that sucks for me :(. Has anyone ever tried removing the username lock? If I could just get a tip, it would be much appreciated.


I'm actually looking to replace my piece of junk router another ISP (Free Telecom) lends me, the Livebox is much more stable and it at least has integrated WiFi, this one needs a PCMCIA Wifi card (I don't even have any). I bought the Livebox when I was on Orange, but I can't buy routers from these guys, they only lend them.

The USB storage would be a bonus, but my main concern is the username lock :(.

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