GoogleCal - Turns off all RF modules

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London, United Kingdom
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Little spooky but GoogleCal decided to send on Off notification to 2 of my RF modules today.

I don't have any GoogleCal calendar entries for that time.

The other 2 of the 4 that went off are bound to the first 2 through plugboard, so I would expect to see them follow suite.

Is this something to expect?  Maybe something that I can be handle with a Plugboard script?

Providence, United States
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Spooky indeed

Google Calendar should only send from a scheduled event.  There is no way that it can generate synthetic events on its own.

I can image a situation where-by the clock on the livebox got confused so it started grabbing historical events.  Although this sounds like a stretch.

Spooky indeed and certainly something not to expect.  I'd be reluctant to "code" around it, as this sort of thing shouldn't be happening in the first place.

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