HAH flashing 3/4 ok (telnet, Redboot is ok) - HAH firm -not work..;/

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I used instructions from this side: http://www.dbzoo.com/livebox/hah

so I:

1. Downgrade the Livebox (5.04 -uk)
2. Gain command line access
3. Replace the Redboot loader - I checked with fconfig if it's work and till this moment everything is right.
4. Flash the HAH firmware onto the Livebox - After this step my Inventel wasn't work (only two LEDs flashed but I can't connect it with PC) and I had to reflash it to normal firmware. I used Release 246 - R31 and 252 -76 witg same result...

any ideas??



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Getting up and running

Hi DZ,

Good to hear that you were able to 'break-in' to your Livebox. Not so good that you aren't up and running with the HAH firmware. Don't panic! Lots of other folks have been able to get up and running with the HAH firmware ... and we will be able to help you get going too.

Here are a few things to check.


1) Once the HAH firmware is onboard, you MUST have a DHCP server on your LAN - the HAH firmware needs this to get itself an IP address. Connecting the HAH directly to your PC (like you do when reflashing) won't work.


2) Install and run the xAP xFx Viewer, http://www.xapautomation.org/index.php?title=xFx_Viewer This will let you see the heartbeat xAP messages that the HAH produces.


3) Install the 'Virtual LCD'  software. This should tell you where to point your browser.


If this doesn't help, we might have to get you a serial console cable. I can lend you one of these. What part of the world are you located in?



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Firmware Not Working

Hi DZ,

I believe I had the same problem when I first flashed my Livebox.  In the end, and as usual, it was my fault.  I still had the Livebox connected to the computer that I'd flashed it with and wondered why I couldn't connect to it on it's previous IP address. 

As Brett says above, the HAH needs to be connected to your network, and there must be a DHCP server on that network otherwise it won't get an IP address, the flashing removes all the previous configuration information. 

Using the LCD viewer, will allow you to see the HAH's IP address when it gets one from the DHCP server, so start this software before turning on the HAH, you'll then know which IP address to use to connect to it.

I know I'm only repeating what Brett has said, but I thought you might like to hear it from someone who had the same problem.


Good Luck, and don't give up, it's worth it.



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Thanks for advices;)

So, if I understood to HAH work, I need another device (router) which HAH could connect to get own IP adress?

And it won't work if I have adsl and plan to connect HAH with computer only and use HAH like livebox to connect with adsl??

BTW -I'm located in Poland.





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Router needed

>And it won't work if I have adsl and plan to connect HAH with computer only and use HAH like livebox to connect with adsl??


The HAH firmware doesn't support having a direct ADSL connection into the Livebox. A separate router, with the ability to allocate the HAH an IP address via DHCP, is required. See the diagram at http://www.dbzoo.com/livebox/hah#architecture - this shows how the HAH fits in to your local network. 

Many folks use a WiFi router to connect to their ADSL feed and most WiFi routers have a few spare RJ45 ports. Typically, the HAH would plug into one of these.

>BTW -I'm located in Poland.
Cool. As far as I am aware, you are the first guy in Poland to try the HAH firmware.


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Share your connection


If you have your adsl connected directly to your PC, you can simulate the router by sharing the connection.

Use a feature called "Internet Connection Sharing".  This will allow you to use the HAH as the PC will give it an IP address on your network.


Good Luck


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HAH by default is a bridge

The HAH by default is a DCHP client and both ports are bridged together so they appear as a 2-port switch.  Just plug ADSL router to the HAH and another cable HAH to PC.

ASDL Router ---> HAH -----> PC

This should work.  

I'm assuming here that your

a) ADSL router has only a single ETHERNET jack?

b) You are not communicationg to your ADSL router using a USB cable.


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I still need my livebox to

I still need my livebox to use it as adsl router so I should forget about HAH till I get other device to adsl line ;/

If I need adsl in livebox what can I do with it? OpenWRT if working maybe??

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