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I have reviewed http://www.dbzoo.com/_detail/livebox/pcb_rev1.jpg and this does not match my PCB.

Does anyone have:

a). Updated PCB schematics

b). Can tell me what ver of PCB I have with following data - Only 1 jumper (JP1). below which is my 15v pad, below which is a bolt hole. To left of JP1 is IC1 and above JP1 is jack plug. I have onboard DS18b20 above jack, to left of which is RF connector.

Whilst I am at it, what is best place to pull off 5v - i dont use i2c (yet) so was thinking using the VCC pin, but was hoping there was a more specific vcc tap (also RLYBRD may have a pin I could use - I dont use that set of pads yet either?). Without schematic, i dont want to go poking about too much (I am still at "homo neanderthalensis" stage of evolution in electronics!).



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PCB info

Hi Andy,

The wiki schematic does need updating to the latest. I just haven't got to doing this yet. 

Two main (and fairly obvious) additions to the schematic. J1 added to allow the isolation of the 5V feed in from the Livebox to the PCB. The Livebox 5V line can't supply very much current and some folks use a separate 5V supply ... having this jumper helps with that. The other change is the addition of the on-board DS18B20. It just connects up the 1-wire bus. There is also provision for a schottky diode to go across the DS18B20, but the vast majority of folks don't bother with fitting this diode.

Tapping 5V can indeed be done from the I2C connector. The RLYBRD connector is designed for folks who want to fit an external relay board (instead of using te onboard relays). Pin 9 of this carries 5V.


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