I am an Idiot

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I am a right dimwit.


spent an hour knocking up a hah pcb and display and 2 hours trying to figure why the lcd was not "working".


now i think i may have found the problem and i am sure Derek will confirm the box wasnt re-flashed up to be a HAH!!!


havent flashed it yet but would i be right in thinking i will get nowt on display if the livebox isnt flashed?



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Yes, you are right.

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Not quite

Even if your Livebox still has the original (non-HAH) firmware, your LCD should show the very first 'Booting v3.4' message. This happens because the AVR microcontroller displays the version of the code in the AVR ... and doesn't need any specific info from the Livebox in order to do this.

Of course, the LCD display will be 'stuck' at this message as interaction with the HAH formware on the Livebox is needed to get to the 'Acquiring IP' message.

If you don't get anything on the LCD, first check your wiring. Then try adjusting the little contrast potentiometer. 

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