interesting 1wire and RF interactions

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I have recently upgraded my 1wire network from 3 devices to 7. The 1wire devices themselves have been great and perfectly stable however, they stop my RF from working.

If I disconnect the 4 new devices and reboot with 3, RF is then fine again.

To get round this I have to reboot with 3 devices in place first then connect the 4 new ones whilst the HAH is up and running. I then reset the 1wire bus from the web GUI and I then have all 7 devices and RF working together, this has now been running fine for 2days plus so is stable.

Why should extending the 1wire stop RF from working and how come I can get round it by plugging the extra devices in after startup?


any ideas?





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On how the 1wire bus reset works

The 1wire bus is scanned once when the AVR powers on after that the 1wire bus is not scanned for new devices if they are added.  So if you boot with 3x 1wire devices that all you'll see in the web gui even if you add more when its running.

You can get around this by using the "RESET 1WIRE BUS" button which causes the AVR to restart the 1wire bus scanning routing that is performed on AVR startup.  You've discovered this already and it works well.

However I can't see any reason or logic behind booting with 3 vs 7 and a correlation with why RF would stop working.

Anyway with the new RoomNode you can have all these temp sensors remotely distributed using RF which will solve this problem.  I've had two running for a few months now and they are rock solid.


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