Jeenode with HAHCentral.hex

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The license free ISM band in my country is 433MHz which I know Jeenode has a kit selling from its US e-shop. So, my question is, can the Jeenode be flashed with HAHCentral.hex ? or Jeelab's RF12Demo will work just fine receiving RF packets say from a LightwaveRF PIR device and passing that decoded message to HAH? Thanks.
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Think this would need some extra code

As far as I am aware, the existing code for Jeenode support on the HAH doesn't handle inputs from LightwaveRF PIRs (or for that matter any other 433MHz RF based sensor).   

However, I'd be interested if you do some work on this.

The work that I've done to decode RF from PIRs and RF switches is based not on Jeenodes but on a dedicated micro & xap-serial.  Written up at


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