Joggler + xAP Control

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I now have my O2 Joggler installed with xAPControl as a touch screen controller interfacing with HAH!

Makes for a perfect interface, makes HAH even easier to manage/monitor around the flat.

O2Jogglers are available on eBay for about 50-70 quid, have great touch screens and are powerfull enough to play TV, run Linux etc, they are also very easy to hack.

Article can be found here:

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So good to hear this ...

The guy behind this good Joggler/xAP work is Kevin. Kevin also has a HAH!

The Joggler is a gorgeous piece of kit - great build quality. I was able to pickup two before O2 stopped selling them (but haven't had time to even get them out of their boxes)..

Please do writeup your work on this  - I'll happily put this up on a Joggler section on the HAH wiki.


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Using xAPControl on Joggler with HAH

My first writeup, just a short overview of getting the xAPControl app running and interfacing with HAH.

Hope it helps.


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Getting xAP Joggler up and running...

Glad you got it all working Gary ...  it wasn't the smoothest of introductions for you but we got there :-)

Just a couple of comments -

   The posted version (1.08) of iServer works fine - in fact it was working in the version Gary had and it was my instructions for what it should be displaying whilst running that led to the impression it hadn't started (red herring) . So if you have v1.08 that is good to go.  v 1.09 is only different in that it requires a hub to run and does not initially startup and try to acquire the main xAP port (3639) , and hence will not run standalone.

   The state=toggle command was added to the xAP BSC schema v1.3 in July 2004.   v1.2 of xAP BSC  only existed for a few weeks before that before being superceded and so maybe that's something we could ask the HAH guys to add.  It is particularly useful because it doesn't require the Joggler to track BSC device states in order to change them.      The BSC schema version number is different to the xAP version number and it just happens to be coincident and hence confusing.   BSC v1.3 is supported on both xAP v1.2 and xAP v1.3.



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