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Hi Derek,

Just flashing my 2nd HAH.  Get all the way to replacing the bootloader, no problem.  I then flash the hah firmware, connect the system to my network, restart and watch for the new IP grabbed from DHCP.

The system doesn't seem to pick one up.

I have removed the bluetooth circuit, would that make a difference?

I've tried it in both network sockets still nothing.


I get LED 1 quickflash

LED 2 occasional blink.

It didn't work first time round, so I went back, downgraded the Livebox to 5.04(again) and started from there.  I get to the same place and the same result.  After flashing HAH firmware, I reboot and it doesn't pick up an IP from my network.

I've tested the DHCP connection with laptop and it picks up IP instantly.

Any ideas? Am I doing something daft?

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It's upset

Have you tried it with the card back in? If it's the only other thing you've done differently I'd try putting it back and see how that goes.

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Duplicate MAC

As the MAC address of each HAH will need to be different.  Make sure you only have 1 on the network at a time until you change this via the GUI.  Otherwise DHCP will not hand out a new IP.

Also multiple HAH units on the same subnet isn't really supported well until the next firmware release.  Its doable with what you have but its a little clunky have to change every daemon's Name and UID.

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