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Hi Brett, Derek

I'm still upto my forhead wrinkles in LUA scripts.  I've noticed in your examples a function called recent_cache.

There's no mention of this function in the Implementation list, this maybe becuase it is not a C function?

It would still be usefull to have it doc'd...it seems to work similarly to xapcache_find?




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If you look really closely at

If you look really closely at that example you'll see that "recent_cache" is an LUA function that has been crafted.


The problem I was solving was that it's possible that the an "EVENT" for my xap ENDPOINT hasn't been logged to the LUA cache yet.  Events are more preferable as they are the most recent data value.  However an INFO message will be sent every 2 mins with the ENDPOINT current state even if it hasn't change.  So I then fallback to using that instead.


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