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Brett / Derek

Not sure if you have seen this on Jeelabs?



The RF code is rather cool (as much as I understand it) 

  • there are two pulse sources: the 868 MHz receiver and the 433 MHz receiver
  • for each, a “DecoderInfo” table is defined with decoders to use for them
  • the runPulseDecoders() function does what the name says: evaluate each of the decoders in turn
  • when a decoder succeeds, data is added to an outgoing buffer (and optionally, printed to serial)

Sounds like a chum for URF?

Plus most of the big ones have been written by JCW who really seems to know what he is doing.



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I had not seen this thanks.  

I had not seen this thanks.   The decoder I've been working on, when I get time, takes a different approach rather than embedding all the decode logic into the firmware and having to specify a protocol.  I simply stream a packed binary format to a backend off chip analyzer (aka the HAH).  This is easily upgradable so adding new RF decoders doesn't require an AVR reflashing assuming I've got enoughtbandwidth (the unknown).   My decoder will be programable using URF style sequences so it should be unbound in terms of what it can decode.  Every RF decoder I've seen has hardcoded decoder rings just like JeeLabs so I thought I'd try something new.

The backend part is working although in a very rough state I just haven't any time to work on the front end RF AVR side of things.  Wish I could invent an extra 4 hrs a day.


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Oh look there's Brett, and following him a curve!


Like your thinking - So the Arduino scans and returns Pulse string High-455,Low123,etc and Plugboard decodes it? Actually I think JCW has an ookscope that does most of that, may save some of that time.

As its going to be on a two way interface how about an initialisation string? That way it knows what its looking for and avoids sending noise and takes load off HAh if thats an issue?

i.e. Arduino boots -> requests decoders.xml -> Arduino.

Rf comes in -> Arduino Decodes using decoders.xml - XAP X10-H1-on



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