Release 270

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Fixed errors in xaplib2 and the iServer components.


Modifications to be fully compliant with xap wildcard filter addressing. There was an error in handling the > symbol.  For example: dbzoo.livebox.>:relay.* would erroneous be treated as the broader filter  dbzoo.livebox.> and would match the subaddress component.

As this is a xaplib2 modification every application on the HAH was affected by this bug.

Fully compare target and wildcard addresses.

Class wildcard based filtering to support iServer clients that use this.


  • This is an internal protocol modification.  Handling of filter delete  <flt-> and <cflt-> tokens was added.  The tokens </flt-> </cflt-> </flt+> </cflt+> are now handled although not present in the xAPFlash protocol its best they are handled for orthagonality.
  • Malformed packets could crash the iServer this was most notible using the netiom.
  • no xap-hbeat or xap-header and a disconnecting client will SEGV iserver
  • quickly cycling a client up/down can crash the iserver
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270 is a significant number...

In 270, The Year of the Consulship of Antiochianus and Orfitus, the Vandals and Sarmatians were driven out of Roman territory. They seem to have gone from iServer too.

270 is also apparently a 'practical number' by the second definition - certainly looking very practical to me now.

270 is also the average number of days of human pregnancy - looks like HAH iServer is born.

Well done Brett, two in one year ...


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