Release 307

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Its been a long time coming

  • xap-twitter - fix twitters deprecation of the v1 delete api call.
  • Added the boilernode as a standard hahnode decoder type
  • Fix some plugboard configuration errors.
  • fixup webcachingservlet example file for bad response detection.
  • iServer - send a query on duplicate filter being adding. (iDevice support)
  • iServer - handle fragmented tokens better (iDevice support)
  • iServer - pacing is applied to all packets.  Tx and Rx and now separate threads.
  • iServer - (debug only) output to monitor Tx/Rx queue pressure.
  • xap-sms - added support for different baud rates.
  • xap-hub reaping efficency by detecting xap-hbeat.stop messages.
  • lua penlight library uplift
  • fix module loading error for ext3 in supplied example.
  • Added a weather forecast plugboard applet sample.
  • xap-serial - now handles HEX decoding.
  • xap-serial bug - handle NULL data bytes when unescaping hex/octal encoding
  • plugboard - stack trace from plugins will include the xap message being processed.
  • hah nodes now allow temperature offsetting with toff/toff2 parameters.

Update: a couple of items were not merged from my development branch so they are not in 307 - I've crossed those off the list of things fixed.


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um forgot

whats the command to update ?


i cannot remember.

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First ... reboot the HAH

Then, telent in and cd to /etc/init.d

Then, ./update will do the job.


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Can't update!!!

Trying to get the latest update  but I have no ./update command in my  /etc/init.d directory.

Found update in /etc_ro_fs but running this doesn't work.

So tried this.....

cp /etc_ro_fs/init.d/update /etc/init.d/

cp /etc_ro_fs/init.d/ramdisk /etc/init.d

cd /etc/init.d


Hope this helps!

Regards Keith.

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Over complicating it!


i think you have over complicated it. Undo the copies you have done and then just type 


this should do it!



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reverting to an old version of firmware

Changing to 307 my hahnodes stopped working - plugboard not starting - if you start it manually you get



lua: /etc_ro_fs/plugboard/plugboard.lua:59: attempt to get length of local 'instance' (a number value)

stack traceback:

/etc_ro_fs/plugboard/plugboard.lua:59: in main chunk

[C]: ?

But it could be due to my playing with trying to get RoomNodeTwin working on an Airwick.
So for now could someone tell me how to go back to version 3.06 - I have tried for most of the morning and have to go and paint a cupboard!!
Any help welcome.


Throwleigh, United Kingdom
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I found a workaround.  By

I found a workaround.  By reversing out the change made in plugboard.lua line 59 and putting the new file in etc/plugboard it all starts working again.


My configuration consists of two liveboxes.  The first has a current cost connected to it and does all the cosm uploading for both liveboxes.

The second has the basenode connected to it and is instance 2 (the other being blank).  Mac addresses are different.  It was the second livebox

that I upgraded.

Hope that helps.

Now back to trying to get RoomNodeTwin working with a modified Airwick 





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