Release 317

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Whats new in 317 (beta equivalent 316.4)

  • Fixed broadcast problem for the network
  • xAP parser handling of empty keys
  • xAP parser was trimming leading spaces from the value of key=value pair.  (spec says don't)
  • Added MQTT lua libraries
  • Included a sample MQTT/xAP gateway plugboard applet.
  • New LUA API for frame objects.   <frame>:setValue(section,key,value)
  • Add sample applet for updating the service to enable DDNS.
  • Added an assert to the xAP library to stop it from being initalized twice.
  • Updated the graphite feeder applet to show how to deal with different classes.
  • Added AVRDUDE back into the image.


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Nice update.  Thanks Brett!

Nice update.  Thanks Brett!

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