Shutting down remote Windows PC

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Thought this might be useful.  Here's my script to shutdown a remote Windows based PC.

Firstly you'll need to install a small app call Airytech SwitchOff on the remote machine.

You can get that here:   Turn on the remote access feature in that app.

This opens http on port 8000

here's my script for the plugboard:

-- Script to shutdown remote windows PC
-- requires Airytech SwitchOff to be running on remote system

-- Registers ShutdownPC service
function init()
  register_target("dbzoo.livebox.ShutdownPC", "shutdown")

-- Sends http request to remote PC
function shutdown()
  os.execute("curl http://remoteip:8000/?action=System.Shutdown")

Here's my header for GoogleCal:


Nice thing about this is that it shutdowns all the open apps 'nicely' and then shutdowns the PC.

You can of course just use the app itself to schedule a shutdown....but that's not the point!

Now to figure out how to turn it back on again...myabe I'll just have to use the 'On' button!

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Turning Back On - WOL

Have you tried the Wake On Lan feature, you might need to enable it in your BIOS, but most motherboards these days are able to bring a PC alive with an appropriate WOL command, which the HAH can send ;)

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There is a also a "wol"

There is a also a "wol" command line program, so you can create another plugboard script to call this and wake it up too!  woo hoo.

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