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A script been done by anyone that :-


input goes high and then 500ms later an rf stste is toggled?


bought some homeeasy doorbells and want to integrate them into existing system hence need a 500ms delay (otherwise 2 rf doorbells will clash)



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I put a fix in the system

I put a fix in the system build 304 to prevent a rapid succession of RF (URF) control commands from colliding over each other.   Is this not working?   This means you should not need to delay sending your RF commands the system will handle this for you internally.   By default I think this is set to 500ms if this is not long enough it can be adjusted on the web gui.


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Is a separate command required for doorbell 2?

If the two sounders were always going to be going off together or one 500ms later than the first, could you not solve this problem simply by setting the sounders to the same Housecode  when you pair them?

Presumably you mean a clash of the RF command, not the ding dong?

If would be a good idea to use Housecodes greater than H to leave the way clear for normal BBSB RF plugs



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Not quite

my house dorbell system is unusual.


we have 3 different doorbells.


1 is an entyr system with cameras

2 is a wireless system

3 new home easy.

we have 2 doorbells 1 is homeeasy other is "wired".

If you pushed the homeeasy bell it would just ding them, pushing the mainbell would ding everything hence why i need a delay between dinging existing wireless and homeeasy else the 2 interfere as they are both 433MHz


reason for this is we have the main house and granny annexe for mother and if we are out want her to get up and go to door.

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