Thought I'd get this started

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Not sure if this is the best way to share these.  I've created a drop box repository for you to be able to download my scripts.  Some of these are still work in prgress and I warn you, I'm no developer!

Script to bind some of my RF devices together.

This script controls my Fans in loft when temp gets too high

Script to cleanly shutdown windows PC (needs Airytech Swoff running)

Turns my Slimp3 off when the rf control the amp it's connected to turns off

Sends a WOL message for a PC, mac supplied by xAPFlash button

My attempt to create something of a personality for my HAH through SMS.  Using my android phone as location

aware notifier, it sends sms to HAH depending on where it is (Car, Not at home etc), Hah then does somethings

based on that.   VERY much WIP and not really scratching the surface yet but have had problems on the android end.

Some of you may snigger at my attempts at scripting, some of you may find this useful, feel free to use/hack/improve and feedback.

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Sharing Scripts

Thanks for posting those Gary, they'll certainly encourage me to get going a bit more on the Plugboard. 

Perhaps if we can agree a format/style for the LUA scripts with Brett, meeting the standards he's already set, they could be held under the xap-plugboard/samples folder in the Google code repository.  I guess this might impact the space available on the Livebox file system and might not be such a good idea after all.  But it would be good to host them somewhere centrally.

The other simple alternative is to post the actual code here, this give people a quick view of the code, showing them what LUA looks like, and might encourage them to explore and contribute.

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gulp, are you suggesting an

gulp, are you suggesting an appstore for the HAH?

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That's pretty neat

That's a pretty impressive set of scripts.   I'm glad that the architecture is sufficently open enough that with a small amount of work you can "build" what you require.

Seeing people use the HAH for useful stuff gives me motivation to keep extending out the functinonality to make it even better.

Good job.


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