Update to 251 OK

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My upgrade went without a hitch.

I can confirm the RF modules > 4 do seem to work although this did work for me on 250 after ini config?


I do have 1 problem with the 5th home easy RF module that I've added.

When I throw it into my system, it works fine for about 10 secs, then turns itself off.

It then seems to disrupt all the other devices, i.e. It's label is rf5, if I turn it on, RF1 will turn on as well.  This is one example and other stuff will happen too.


I'm putting this one down to a rogue device and will change it for a new lot unless you wanted to see what this device was doing, would be happy to send it over.  Not sure as you'll have time what with all the other stuff you guys got going on...

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RF auto-off

Do check that you don't have a Plugboard script running (in the /etc/plugboard directory) that alters the RF behaviour. There is an example script on the wiki that does this sort of thing to relays ...

Also note that if you don't want to 'pair' RF channels, you must specify unique hex on/off strings for each and every [RF] .ini file entry.

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