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Hi, I was wondering why we're sending v12 xap messages?

I was thinking the new state "toggle" might be a more reliable/effective way to control/monitor RF modules.  Might be a good reason to upgrade.


Is it just a timing thing? 

All of my other devices are v13, will this have some negative impact on controlling them?  I guess things like level etc aren't available to control.


No biggie, just thinking out loud.  Is it an easy upgrade?, I may "avago".

Hope the moves the going well Brett, will we be seeing higher or lower temps on Pachube?



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xAP protocol version

I suspect that we ended up using BSC V1.2 as much by accident as by design.

Re the use of the V1.3 'toggle' for RF device control, I don't think that it's going to be any better than on/off commands; mainly because there is no feedback loop from the controlled device - it's a 'fire & forget' implementation at the hardware level. That said, the RF control generally works very well. I do hope to experiment with a JeeNode (from jeelabs.com) which would allow positive feedbak re the on/off status of a given appliance.   

An update to have the core 'xap-*' processes on the HAH conform to BSC V1.3 shouldn't be too difficult.  As for any messages that you send out from plugboard scripts, you can make these compliant with BSC V1.3 if you so wish. 

I've added an issue tracker at http://code.google.com/p/livebox-hah/issues/list

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