xapcache functions in lua

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after a long day of searching for the error, I found, that the functions for xap cache access

  • xapcache_find
  • xapcache_getvalue
  • xapcache_gettime

as described in http://www.dbzoo.com/livebox/hah_plugboard#implementation

are no more available (obviously since a new version of lua).

Is there any workarround how to easily access the xap cache now?

I would like to do exactly the described function for evaluating the state of RFs and Relays.

Thank you for your help!


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not sure if this is any help

I think Brett is best to answer this one, but i know he did write a xapcachewebserver applet and i think its in the samples folder. Search this forum for it.

Not sure if its of any use but you may be able to either mod the applet or write a http request in to your script to poll from it?

like I say, I think you need Brett's expertise on this one.



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Those are deprecated functions from the v1 engine.

I deprecated them as they required that EVERY xap message was cached.  This is really bad idea on an embedded device with limited memory.  If you require caching write your own caching routines for just the data you need.

There are many snippets around that show how this is done in /etc_ro_fs/plugboard/sample you'll find the sample caching scripts that Gary was talking about however this is probably more complex than you need it should show you how such a thing might be written.


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